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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Support Needed for Election Day GOTV in Georgia!

Georgia is in position to play a critical role in Hillary’s path to 270. In polls taken as late as this weekend, data suggests that the presidential race in Georgia is a statistical dead heat, with Hillary trailing by just 1%. In a race that will generate roughly 3.8 million votes, a 1% margin means that our state could be decided by less than 38,000. Just 500 votes in every Democrat leaning district could be the difference. Now, more than ever, EVERY VOTE MATTERS! With the closing of the early voting period this past Friday, the focus is now on our election day Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts, and we need your help.

In the process of mobilizing the votes necessary to “turn Georgia blue” in the presidential race, we will simultaneously be mobilizing votes to impact key races for the Georgia State House. During this election cycle, the Georgia Democratic Party, House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams, the Georgia donor table and others have felt that flipping 2-3 state house districts would be an important step in weakening the Republican majority and making sure that Republicans do not capture a “supermajority” – 66% of seats which impacts veto overrides, constitutional amendments, census redistricting, etc. Regardless of what happens with the presidential election, Georgia will not be able to move forward with progressive and equitable policies until we change the makeup of the state legislature!

One important district where there is a tight race and a great opportunity for Democrats to flip a seat is House District 138, covering the counties of Sumter (Americus), Chattahoochee, Marion and Schley. Currently, District 138 is represented by Republican Mike Cheokas, a local liquor store owner who has supported dangerous and discriminatory legislation, voting for campus carry and the so-called ‘religious freedom’ bills. According to Better Georgia (, Cheokas faced controversy earlier this year over his support of several pro-confederate bills. He continued to support the bills, even after the lead sponsor, Rep. Tommy Benton defended the KKK, saying, they were “not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order.” Cheokas has also repeatedly supported policies which hurt a majority of the district’s residents. Cheokas recently sponsored legislation that changed the structure of the Sumter County School Board in order to dilute Black representation.

With your help, we can implement our election day GOTV strategies which can help win House District 138 while increasing voter turnout that can help “dump Trump” and turn Georgia blue! Financial support will help provide extra workers for canvassing teams, rides to the polls, snacks and water (for canvassers and voters on long lines) and other logistical needs. Donations can be made online at Donations by checks can be made payable to “Black Voters Matter Fund” and sent to:

Black Voters Matter Fund
c/o Cliff Albright
6486 Stonelake Place
Atlanta, GA 30331

BVMF is a 501c4 organization and donations/gifts are NOT tax deductible as charitable contributions.

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