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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Note to Armstrong Williams About the Stimulus

I usually just try to ignore anything that conservative Negroes like Armstrong Williams have to say (and by the way, the new Negro Ron Christie is even more annoying), but in one of his recent articles, found on, about the economic stimulus to be so ridiculous that I just couldn’t resist. Now, i’m not an Obama Economic Stimulus cheerleader; in fact, in an earlier post i raised a major concern about Obama’s plan. But the criticism and debate around it needs to be a little better than what Armstrong (and most Republicans) have to offer. The following are some of Armstrong’s points, and the thoughts i had as i read his piece.

“I’m sorry, but I need a better answer than the one Democrats have been offering: “Well, it’s better than nothing!” Is that what the Congress has come to — formulating public policy because they feel like they have to show action on something … anything?!”

Really, Armstrong? Is "it's better than nothing" really the only answer you've gotten. Nothing about job creation and the need to invest in infrastructure? Nothing about the need to get relief to the states in order to keep them from firing thousands of teachers? Nothing about how the supply side and tax cut theories simply have not worked? Really?

Perhaps you should broaden your circles. Maybe turn off Limbaugh's show and and turn on some other stuff.

“What the left fails to realize is that too much federal spending yields too much waste. Just this morning, there was a story in The Washington Post where independent accountants were stating when you spend that much money that quickly, waste, fraud and abuse inevitably follow. How will this plan of action be any different?”

You know what, Armstrong--I was almost willing to go along with you on the point about waste and abuse in large emergency funding. Lord knows I don’t have that much trust in the government. But I just can’t take your concern seriously, seeing as I didn’t hear from you about this when your boy “W” was president. If you were concerned about wasteful spending and poor management, you should have said something while your boy was appointing college drinking buddies and horse experts to fill critical posts like FEMA.

"Opponents must be careful, however, in how they read the public. A national poll out just this afternoon shows the public supports Obama (67 percent) and his handling of the issue. Congressional Democrats fall a distant second at 48 percent, followed by an abysmal 31 percent with congressional Republicans. The irony here is the GOP can still make headway in restoring its credibility by sticking to its guns and the thrust of its argument..."

For real? Did you really mean to end your post by suggesting that the best thing for the Republicans to do is to keep on doing the exact same things that got them down to 31% to begin with? Did you really mean to offer advice that sounds painfully similar to "stay the course"?

Do they pay you for this level of expert analysis, and if so, how can i get in on that gig? 'Cause I've got some great advice to offer on how they can lose even *more* congressional seats in 2010.

If anyone out there knows Armstrong, maybe you can pass my thoughts on to him—especially the one about the consulting gig.

Since i'm talking about the stimulus package, some of the best analysis i've seen can be found at Media Matters. They do a great job of explaining how the media has distorted coverage of the plan, including the false claims that the New Deal didn't help during the Depression.

On that "note", i'm outta here...

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