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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Post-Racial America? Welcolme to Macon, Georgia!

Part of the reason I write this blog is to spread the word about racial incidents that don’t make it into mainstream media. It’s hard enough for these stories to make the news when they happen in major cities, and even then it usually has to get caught on video in order to be newsworthy. But more importantly, a lot of times, these incidents take place in smaller cities and towns that the major networks and newspapers don’t pay a lot of attention to.

A few weeks ago in Macon, Georgia, students at Mercer College discovered that someone had tampered with a bulletin board highlighting Mercer’s National Association of Black Engineers student organization. The letters on the board were rearranged to spell “the N word”. Both the original incident, as well as the student rally that was organized in support of diversity, received coverage in the local newspaper, the Macon Telegraph. The online version of the newspaper articles generated a string of reader comments that I found quite revealing.

Obviously, the Mercer bulletin board incident is not the most egregious example of racism in America; indeed, it’s not even the most egregious example in Macon alone. But for the purpose of this post, the critical issue isn’t so much the incident itself, but the comments and emotions that the incident revealed. I recognize that often the people who comment on newspaper articles represent extreme opinions, and that some will argue that these types of comments do not truly represent the “post-racial” direction in which the country is headed. But I would argue that these commentators, speaking with the freedom of anonymity, speak for far more people than we should be comfortable with.

I considered adding commentary after each quote, but I’ve decided to let the comments just speak for themselves. The comments are NOT listed in the order in which they were originally posted, but I have not shortened any of the comments at all, and have not edited them, except to add bolded emphasis in a few cases. Again, to view the full comments, including those from Black readers, visit the Macon Telegraph.

With all of that said, here are my Cliff Notes…

Comment 1

A rally about using a word. Wow, how about a rally about all of the crime and how Mercer students could make a difference in the community. Could Mercer’s National Association of Black Engineers student organization hold neighborhood rallies to educate young blacks about the opportunities out there for educated blacks with no criminal record? A rally about one person's use of a word. Puhleeze! Are you one? Then it doesn't apply to you.

Comment 2

If you look at previous news stories about this type of incident you will find that when caught the culprit is often a member of the group being "slurred". Stir it up, get some sympathy from the naive.

Comment 3

Why do you black 'engineers' commit so many crimes?

Comment 4

I don't know what percentage the black population is of Macon, but it's very high. Again, read the papers and look at the TV everyday, you will see there is an enormous amount of violent crimes. I lived in Middle GA till 2 years ago, smarted up and moved to the North GA mountains. There are more crimes in Macon in one week that there is in several years up here. Wonder why???? The only reason I read the paper is for the obits since I have a lot of friends and acquaintances in the Middle GA area. I can't help but see the front page when I click the website. I find it amusing that you folks have nothing better to do. Get a life.

Comment 5

[addressing a Black commenter], you talk too much; maybe you need your own page. A black woman is twice as racist as a black man and raises her brats to be the same. You want to be the equal of the white man, you got a long way to go, baby; maybe by the year 3000, possibly never. I, too, am finished with this discussion, only I mean it.

Comment 6

I am sick and tired of everytime someone does not agree with an opinion you are a racist. And, it is usually a black person who is the first to say it. You are not special just because your great, great, great so and so might have been a slave. You(meaning blacks) have the same opportunities as everyone else to get an education and make something of yourselves. But, you would rather quit school, have a baby every year and let the gov't take care of you.

Comment 7

[addressing a Black commenter] will never understand what it feels like to grow up "white" in America...and frankly, I do not expect you to understand, but let's try. I hear about "black" this and "black" that on a DAILY basis and it makes me cry. Why are there not any "white" organizations out there just for "WHITES" like me? "Blacks" have the NAACP, United N-Word College Fund, people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton who will come to a "blacks" defense for ANYTHING. I don't have any "white" people or college funds SPECIFICALLY just for ME. It makes me cry. This is why I do not have and never will have compassion for "blacks" because they are the ones who keep the RACIAL thing going. Now do you understand????

Comment 8

Yeah it's wrong to discriminate against others. We should all look at ourselves and fix our own problems before we point at others and voices our dislikes.... Think to yourself and think WHO is the most racist people around. Those are the real problems. I don't see the lite skinned people out screaming racist remarks in Night Clubs. But, you sure do see them dark skins doing it. Now don't you... The racist type people need to throw away the Black and White TV's and get a colored TV. Because, guess what, there's more to life than black and white.

Comment 9

It’s always a racist thing when it comes from a white person. What about what the black people do. They made a song about a black president if a white person did it it would be racist. what about all the black men killing the white women. Is that racist? i guess not

Comment 10

I watched the parade in Washington, DC Tuesday and I was so surprised to see how many bands had hoochie choochie females leading the bands. Is this the way you want to be admired for your talent. just what do the blacks want. do they admire all the shootings, druggings , robbings, and home invasion. over time all white names have been changed to all black. Just like this black engineers society. Black is beautiful but not white is beautiful.. When is enough enough.

Comment 11

All the Africans want to point to Obama as an example; this I do not really understand as Obama has just as much white blood as he does black and most important of all, he was raised by a white family. When a black makes president who is all black raised by black parents, then there is cause for the blacks to be proud. Most of the great black men had white blood; without those genes I don't think they would have made it far. [emphasis added]

Comment 12

When will you people "Get it"? Obama is NOT "The First African American President".......HIS MOTHER IS (WHITE)! This makes him MULATTO. I guess if the U.S. had ALL BLACK Presidents BEFORE, Obama would now be (The First White American President)???? You are lucky enough to be in School, So get an EDUCATION!!! And forget this nonsense. As for some of the post on here a "Deplorable Action"..."Culprit" etc.., just think of 9-11. HIT THE BOOKS KIDS! Stop trying to play like you know it all.

Comment 13

I for one would like to thank the blacks, thank you for the crime, thank you for the shootings, thank you for the fatherless children. The poor white folks would have lost their way without all these fine examples. THANK YOU

'Nuff said.

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